Reem Surface Disinfectant  -  Small 60ml

Reem Surface Disinfectant - Small 60ml

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Reem Surface Disinfectant (Ready to use)

Reem Surface Disinfectant in either format is specifically formulated to eradicate Covid and all known envelope viruses, including Influenza on contact, whilst being non-harmful to the user and surface. It is not a cleaning product, it is produced to make surfaces safe and virus free.

It is designed to be applied to a surface and will completely destroy any Covid-19 traces within 30 seconds or less. Other products that are designed to be left on surfaces for up to 10 minutes, can ultimately damage surfaces and/or transfer to
a person touching that surface.

 - Eliminates all-known envelope viruses, bacteria and fungi

- Suitable for use on all surfaces

- Kind to skin and allergen free